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These online calculators have been provided to offer cost estimates on various construction activities for generic decks and fences. For more accurate costing contact us and we will meet with you to determine your needs because each deck, fence or basement is unique. If you know what you would like then take pictures or show us.

A few things that you should know about our….

Fences. We construct fences that are built to last and remain straight. We insist on a couple of techniques and methods to ensure fence integrity for years to come. The first is gravel filled holes and the second is fences that use 16 ft 2x4’s for the top rail. We expect to use screws in the fences that we construct, not staples or brad nails like we have seen on occasion.

We have all seen fences that are cheaply constructed and cheaply built that seem to fall apart or curve the year after they are put up. This doesn’t happen with us.

This calculator includes the hardware for the fence and gates, postholes, gravel supply and all material deliveries.

Decks. Our decks use tested construction and support techniques that suit the environment that they are built for. If you do not have concrete support piles for your deck then we’ll make sure that your columns can be adjusted in due time after settling. We expect to use screws to assemble the deck.

The online deck calculator assumes a basic deck and railing system with wooden pre made balusters. The online quote does not include stairs. For more elaborate designs we will have to meet with you. Please have a sketch ready for us to work with.

Stairs. We make our own closed stringer stairs. There is a sample picture of the stairs we fabricate in the animation on this web page. These stairs are beautiful, strong, and uniquely custom built for each specific situation. If you would like to take a look at samples or would like a custom set of stairs built for your deck then drop us a line.

Basement Framing. We can frame you new home basement for you. We are often a more cost effective alternative to other companies that frame houses because you get the value of someone who has the experience and can help you with your next steps or with your whole project.

Workmanship. We sincerely take pride in our work. We work as if we will have our sign on it or as if we are installing it for ourselves. We are our toughest critics and we believe that our product is better than average, in fact, matched with our service it’s Exceptional.

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