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A) Construction Planning
B) Design/Drafting
C) "You Build It" Packages / Feasability Studies
D) Project Management
E) Carpentry

A) Construction Planning

Do you need a lot of help or just some answers to some questions…

  • How do I start?
  • What details do we need?
  • Do I need a permit?
  • Who can do this?
  • Can I trust this contractor to complete quality work?
  • I am thinking about doing it this way…is this possible?
  • What is this going to cost?
  • What is most important to me?

Our consulting has saved homeowners lots of headache and time. What is your time/headache worth? Try us and see!

B) Design/Drafting

Professional documents get results.  Well defined documents help during the permit stage right through to the sub contractor quotation process. The right amount of information (for all the sub contractors) prevents excessive phone calls and excessive site supervision.

We provide your drawings in .pdf format.  They are yours to copy and circulate as required, from your own computer.

We have completed the following drawings

  • Basement floor plans – starting at $600
  • Preliminary addition plans – for use in feasibility studies
  • Construction grade drawings for additions.  (Exceptions for structural engineering approval.)
  • Attached garage

Contact us for costing.

C) "You Build It" Packages / Feasability Studies

We all want to know what our projects will cost. (And so does your bank lender.) Have you ever been told “x” amount of dollars per square foot for building your house, developing your basement, or completing your addition? We have. This "off the cuff" measurement leads us all to believe that the project is affordable.  In the end we pay a lot more than “x” dollars per square foot. Exceptional can prevent most expensive surprises from occurring before they happen.

The You Build It packages contain a plan, detailed project specifications and written estimates. This is the information that you, as a homeowner (and a financial lender), need to effectively execute construction projects.

You Build It packages save you the homeowner the following:
  • the guesswork on the financial numbers
  • legwork to run around plans to various contractors and suppliers that may not ever call you back
  • interviews and inspection of contractors and their work so that you feel comfortable hiring them
  • money & time that you should spend else where.

Together with you, Exceptional can take your plans, develop the specifications and provide written estimates for basement developments, additions and new houses. Contact us for a no obligation meeting to discuss.

Here is an example of a You Build It result.

Contact us for You build It package pricing.  It will be worth it.

D) Project Management

Time is money.  The longer a project takes the more it costs.  The quicker the job is completed the sooner the homeowner gets use of what he/she is paying for and not paying for.  ( i.e. rent, management fees etc.)

Sub contractors absolutely hate showing up to a job site when the job site is not ready.

In this situation contractors must still pay their staff for non productive work, they must find other work while the site is not ready and then they may not be able to come back for weeks. Some contractors are reluctant to work with homeowners for these reasons.

Can you schedule 1 week in advance?  1 month, 1 quarter?

We can and we do.

Our experience bridges the gap between the homeowner and the contractor.

E) Carpentry

We provide high quality fences, decks, and framed basements that last for years. We expect to put our sign on every project so that people can see the quality years after original construction.

When searching for someone to complete your carpentry be careful about the “better” deals. Cost savings at the beginning often show up in a couple of years.

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