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Exceptional service and reputation starts with the first contact and continues long after the task is completed…and it starts right now.

My name is Ron Rawlyk. Together with my wife Sherry, we operate Exceptional Homeowner Resources.

I am a graduate of the Mechanical Engineering Technology SIAST program. I have general contracted our own homes, framed homes, finish “carpentried” homes and constructed countless numbers of decks and fences with my father Mike Rawlyk.

My wife is the good looking one to the left. She is a graduate of the Business and Marketing Diploma SIAST program. She has 8 yrs experience collecting money for a courier company and keeps on top of the business and our busy home life.

That fellow to the right is my dad Mike Rawlyk Sr. with my mom Verna. My Dad has been a knowledgeable mentor. When you hire us you get his experience as well. Mom is the back bone that keeps us fed with good home cooking and packed lunches. If you have an opportunity to try her home made pickles then do. They are as legendary as Mike’s generosity and experience with all forms of house construction.

In all honesty, there is nothing that my dad has not done regarding home construction. He comes from the days of horse and carriage and mixing concrete by hand for basement walls and floors. He has personally constructed all the homes we have lived in, except for their current residence. (Superman needs a break once and a while.) He has helped all of us kids with our home construction. That is 6 kids. No wonder why my parents look so good.

Mike and I both believe in confirming more than just your satisfaction with all the work we do. We believe in being

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